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2010-2011 Tech Plan

Page history last edited by marlina@yis.ac.jp 12 years ago



It is a year of transition but technology and its use in the classroom does not wait. Various infrastructures and systems are reaching end-of-life and obsolescence, extending from the classroom to  backstage. YIS is in need of an infusion to keep its current level of technology integration. We are looking at widespread changes and infrastructural refits, but these must be considerate of the future. With the increased overall demand of wireless and plans for a school-wide one-to-one laptop program, any changes cannot be piecemeal or partial. 


School Wide Improvements


NETWORK: Preparing for eventual one-to-one laptop program  

Our wireless network has hit it's capacity. I think it's safe to say, everyone has noticed at one point or another a slow down or a complete brown out of "Narita". The school urgently needs a school wide network upgrade. The priority on the plan this year will be upgrading the network.



Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection: CS3 is not supported on Snow Leopard, software such as Illustrator, Bridge and InDesign perform badly.



We're retiring all iBooks. Our iBooks are too old some are 9 years. These computers have problems with short battery life, older software and not working wireless N standard.


Teacher MacBook Pro 13" replacing teacher laptops which are three years and older


Continue with the AV upgrade plan and install projectors with associated accessories in the rest of the school.  

Location Qty Change
Grade K Classrooms 1 Projectors, Speakers, DVD+VCR
Grade 1 Classroom 1 Projectors, Speakers, DVD+VCR
Grade 3 Classrooms 2 Projector, Speakers, DVD+VCR
Grade 4 Classrooms 2 Projector, Speakers, DVD+VCR
Grade 2 Classroom 1 Projector, Speakers, DVD+VCR
EAL Classroom K1 1 Projector, Speakers, DVD+VCR
ELC Classroom 1 Projector, Speakers, DVD+VCR
IT Computer Nook
1 Projector, Speakers
IT Office (Middle Building)
1 Projector, Speakers
Library (Middle Building) 2
Projector,  Speakers, Document Camera
Grade 5 classroom 1 Main Building 3 Move Projectors, Speakers, DVD+VCR
Social Studies classrooms Main Building 3 Projectors, Speakers, DVD+VCR, Document Camera
Office Conference Room 1 Projector
Band Room Projectors, DVD+VCR
Choral Room 1 Projectors, DVD+VCR
Music Tech (Studio) 1 Projectors, Speakers, DVD+VCR
Total 24  


  • Elementary Art Room, Place Desktop, Scanner, Printer
  • Replace iBooks with MacBooks
    • 20 MacBooks K-1 (replacement) 
    • 20 iPads using 2 pelican cases to carry 10 each  
    • 30 Macbooks Grade 2 (replacement)
    • 20 Laptops in Kirin floor 1 cart (replacement)
    • 30 Laptops in Kirin floor 2 cart (replacement)
    • replacing the remaining 15 classroom eMacs with existing iMac in inventory
      • 5K eMac
      • 2R no eMac, 2B eMac, 2D eMac  • Teacher request please keep the eMac keyboards and Mice •
      • 3N eMac, 3Weeks eMac, 3Wilds no eMac
      • 4G eMac, 4H iMac G5, 4C eMac
      • KC eMac, KG eMac, KF iMac
      • 1H eMac, 1L eMac, 1D eMac 

Middle/High School

  • 6 MacBooks for Drama (additional)
  • 10 MacBooks Music Tech (additional)
  • 30 iPads MS/HS (replacement)
  • Art Room: move Library scanner to Art room, replace 6 year old tower 
  • Social Studies: Replacement 6 year old MacMini in M203, rotating a laptop into this spot 
  • IT Department 
    • M009, M203, M208, M305 & Computer Nook Continue with the supervision model and add Teacher oversight to Recess and Lunch, duties where there are computers
    • Replacement for 5 year old tower. 
    • Mobile Network Battle Kit
    • 5x eMobile PocketWiFis for Portable Computing Use (checkout available to all teachers)
    • 1x eMobile PocketWiFis for each IT staff for maintenance and remote use.

Faculty Laptop buyback program

As of the 2009-2010 Academic Year, the YIS IT Department offers the opportunity to buy the computer that you are using at YIS as a faculty member. This document outlines the official Faculty Laptop Buyout program and its pricing.


Pricing Structure

For computers issued during and after the Academic Year 2009-2010...


Percent of Original Price

40%~0% (-10% per year)


For all computers issued before Academic Year 2009-2010...

MacBook White
40,000 JPY
MacBook Pro
50,000 JPY



  • All computers must be declared for purchase by May 1st of each academic year.
  • Amount owed can be deducted from last paycheck if Chiyoka-san is notified by May 1st of each academic year.
  • After May 1st, all payments must be made in cash.


Computers for Registrar/DB Activities

There is a fundamental problem with having Windows and Mac mixed for the Database. Due to rendering differences in the operating systems, printing/writing and layouts are completely banjaxed. Text will frequently fit on one OS and the other will fail. To remedy this, Brian and I recommend moving Susan and Mina to new iMacs, as they are both the people on the database on a frequent basis and need to print transcripts, reports, among others.


iPhones for Staff

Rather than furnishing each elementary classroom with video cameras (Flip & Sanyo Xacti), still camera, voice recorder, et cetera which are needed in elementary classrooms/teachers, perhaps the school can move in the direction of purchasing iPhones for staff. That way video cameras, still cameras, phones, voice recorder, and many Applications, such as FirstClass can be accessed by the iPhone. Though, first, the FirstClass Server must be upgraded at school to be able to access school email on the iPhone. Also, staff development must be considered for this type of 1:1 environment with iPhones and the already existing Faculty Laptop Program.


Extending Laptop Program

Include Part-time teachers & Assistant teachers, assigned them laptop (ie. Chinese, German, and Assistant teachers)

Department Feedback Requests


A checkout system from the Library for items like video or still camera

A questions was raises how many high school student's bring in their own laptops? 


Modern Language (request from ZenDesk support ticket #98)

Hello, thank you for the larger cart which holds the 30 iBooks we had last year.This will be much better. I remember we would get 10 more macbooks. Has that been changed? Just wondering because we can have up to 130 students at any given time spread over 10 classes.

2010-2011 Budget Proposal 

Comments (4)

Julian Weekes said

at 11:53 am on Jan 26, 2010

Ahh... if you I log in I can leave a comment.... makes sense... so.... I'll paste my email message here too (for the record)


Hi Christine

Thanks for sending the IT plan out to us.

I do not have permission to leave a comment on the page so I would like to reply through this forum. I hope that's OK.

1. I notice a request for 5 elementary laptop computers in each G2-5 room. That would give us a grade set of 15 - but our numbers are up to close to 18 per class now and have nearly gone to 19 at one point. 15 would leave us short of a grade set. So...

Could we request a grade level set of 20? This would allow for class expansion and any temporary technical/hardware issues that arise through the year - when computers head off to be repaired?

2. Are Grades 2 to 5 going to have powered 'shutter cupboards' requested. As you know Christine, powering issues have been a big thorn in our Grade 3 bush this year - although hopefully new computers with better batteries should help a great deal.

3. "Teachers can buy their teacher issued laptop when they leave the school at the full retail price of the computer." Surely there's some mistake here? If a teacher has a computer for 2 or 3 years, why should s/he have to pay full retail price for it when they leave? No one would. There will be the next version to upgrade to by then - for the same price or possibly cheaper!!! Could a better offer be made in light of depreciation and years of use etc? I look forward to your comments.

Many thanks for your help and enthusiasm in driving our IT programme forward Christine


Julian Weekes

Julian Weekes said

at 9:54 am on Jan 28, 2010

Having spoken with Christine, Brian and Paul today I think this is something to seriously look into. Christine suggested in passing that the iPad might be perfect for K to Grade 2 as keyboarding skills aren't essential in these grades with Grades 3 to 5 moving onto a laptop format. Of course this needs a full discussion - and 3W would be delighted to 'pilot' this project for you from August 2010 :)
Benefits - it will be cheaper, easier to use, K-2 friendly size and up to date design for academic based internet navigation. Complications (?) - no physical keyboard (although touch based one available) and as usual it would need a rock solid, reliable and fast wireless system working here at YIS.
Brian - I propose you work your magic with Apple and get an April to early June loan (10 weeks) of 20 iPads..... 3W to give them a good workout! Mind you, will they be shipping by then?

jamie said

at 4:56 pm on May 11, 2010

I have serious reservations about the iPad replacing the ibooks in G2. From the time spent with it so far, for many reasons, not least of all the fact that at least 75% of what we do is work on Flash-based websites, there are few clear advantages to iPads. As it stands, our ibooks have horrible battery life, and some software compatibility issues, but other than that, they are up to the tasks we set them to. They are, in most senses, preferable to ipads. While keyboarding is not a big focus for G2, the iPad keyboards necessity of floating your hands above the screen is sort of doable if you are used to keyboarding, very difficult if you aren't. REplacing the ibooks with a similar or greater number of Macbooks looks like progress. Replacing them with iPads really doesn't.

Further, I would like to strongly recommend the installation of the Epson pen-based-interface projectors that were brought in by reps for a trial. A great advantage (almost makes going without the projector for the extra years worthwhile!).

Lastly, I don't feel that a DVD/VHS player is a particularly useful investment. We ahve pretty-well phased out the VHS, and most video that we use is digital file or DVD-based (both of which can easily be played from the laptops).

I'm happy to meet with whoever to talk more about any of this.

Brianlockwood said

at 9:01 am on May 21, 2010

Thanks for the feed back, we've removed the iPads from the ES plan and have MacBooks in their place.

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